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Franchise Opportunities – Easy to Run, No Experience Required

“Franchise opportunities – easy to run, no experience required!” In this article I want to be totally honest with you: Whenever you encounter such offer, not only in franchising but in any business opportunities, my only suggestion for you would be to stay away, even run away from them. Franchises are mistakenly touted to be […]

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Franchisee: How to Gain the Most from Your Franchise Agreement

You have prepared everything you need to do to buy your dream franchise: Location, check. Market research, check. Financing, check. The due diligence, check, check and check. Now it’s time to move a step forward: Let your franchisor know that you are ready for reviewing and signing a franchise agreement. Franchise agreement is where things […]

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Buy a Franchise: How to Finance Your Purchase

Finally, the search is over – you have done your homework and have found your dream franchise and you just know it has a bright future. The next step would be: buy the franchise; the big question: how will you finance the purchase? Unfortunately, franchises are stereotypically known as businesses requiring quite an amount of […]

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Should You Buy a Franchise Resale?

If you consider yourself not having a knack in starting out business or buying a new franchise unit, you might want to consider buy a franchise resale. A franchise resale is essentially an established franchise unit that already has built a credible track record in the marketplace and community. The number one benefit of buying […]

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Why do You Want to Buy a Franchise?

Choosing and buying a franchise is easy. The tough part is finding the right reason why you want to buy one. Learn from my mistakes. I remember all the excitement that comes with the process of finding the right franchise to buy. Visiting franchise expos, talking with franchise owners, visiting franchisees’ stores, getting pitched by […]

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Learn More on Franchise Legal Issues: The Legal Eagle Franchise Series

Are you eager to find out the ins and outs of franchise legal issues? Paul Segreto’s franchisEssentials has just announced the debut of its very own ‘Legal Eagle Franchise Series’ on the weekly broadcast of Franchise Today. The Series started on April 29th. The 4-week series will feature discussions with leading franchise industry legal experts, […]

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