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Buy a Franchise: How to Finance Your Purchase

Finally, the search is over – you have done your homework and have found your dream franchise and you just know it has a bright future. The next step would be: buy the franchise; the big question: how will you finance the purchase? Unfortunately, franchises are stereotypically known as businesses requiring quite an amount of […]

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How to Increase Cash Flow of Your Franchise Unit: Learn from My Mistakes

Cash flow is the life energy of every business, including franchise. Lack of it will drain the life out of your franchise unit – and this is just the beginning. In the midst of economic turmoil today, we heard this advice all the time: In order for your business to survive, you should increase sales, […]

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9 Questions to Answer Before You Buy a Franchise

I have just read an article from The New York Times that covers the questions you should ask to yourself and a franchisor before deciding on buying the franchise of your dream. The article opens up some facts that, to tell you the truth, somewhat against franchising, in a sense that you should take great(er) […]

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How Much Can A Franchisee Make Annually?

This question (supposedly) jump out of a franchisee candidate’s mind: How much can I make from this franchise opportunity? Unfortunately, the answers can be vague, misleading and, in a sense, secretive. The income reports you saw publicly (such as in franchise expos) are either averages or forecasts/projections. Franchise companies are not in the habit of […]

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Franchise Fee Negotiation: Is It Possible?

Did you know that you can actually negotiate a franchise fee with your franchisor? While what a franchise offer you is typically a well-set system, including the standard operational procedure, territory-plotting and franchise-related fees, you can actually negotiate on certain things, depending o the franchisor’s policy. This may include your franchise unit’s territory exclusive area […]

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