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How to Resolve Franchise Disputes

Franchising is about teamwork and relationship. In any kind of relationship you will encounter frictions, whether you like it or not. Here’s my view on how to resolve franchise disputes. Disputes are often inevitable. Franchisors are doing their best in forming a franchise agreement that will work for them and for the franchisees. Franchisees are […]

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Franchisee: How to Gain the Most from Your Franchise Agreement

You have prepared everything you need to do to buy your dream franchise: Location, check. Market research, check. Financing, check. The due diligence, check, check and check. Now it’s time to move a step forward: Let your franchisor know that you are ready for reviewing and signing a franchise agreement. Franchise agreement is where things […]

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Learn More on Franchise Legal Issues: The Legal Eagle Franchise Series

Are you eager to find out the ins and outs of franchise legal issues? Paul Segreto’s franchisEssentials has just announced the debut of its very own ‘Legal Eagle Franchise Series’ on the weekly broadcast of Franchise Today. The Series started on April 29th. The 4-week series will feature discussions with leading franchise industry legal experts, […]

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Buying a Franchise: Do Your Due Diligence

Due diligence is the keyword to ensure that everything you have planned in buying a franchise will not go in vain. Proper franchise opportunity analysis can only do you good. Due diligence is resource-intensive. Doing it requires you to put on your business analyst hat, as well as your skepticism hat. Unfortunately, choosing NOT to […]

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Re-evaluate Your Interest in New Franchises

New franchises – especially those offering new and in-trend concepts – are always interesting and will likely to attract fans and enthusiasts into franchisees. New franchises play an important role in franchising: New franchises breathe fresh air to the franchising world, adding value to the wealth of opportunities in franchising worldwide. Full of potential, new […]

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9 Questions to Answer Before You Buy a Franchise

I have just read an article from The New York Times that covers the questions you should ask to yourself and a franchisor before deciding on buying the franchise of your dream. The article opens up some facts that, to tell you the truth, somewhat against franchising, in a sense that you should take great(er) […]

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