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Franchise Resources to Read before You Buy a Franchise

You are interested in a couple of franchise opportunities. You go to a franchise expo, then you ask around and get pitched by franchisors about the prospects of their franchise business and franchising as a whole. You read advertorials, reviews and almost anything about franchising. You think you are ready. But wait. From my own […]

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Franchising Podcasts: Learn What the Experts Have Got to Say About Franchise Ownership

Do you want to receive free franchising advice from top franchising experts but too tired to read any franchising articles? Try listening to live podcasts. The Internet offers wealth of knowledge if you want to learn as much as you can about franchising. You only need to look for the online resources. One of the […]

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2009 Franchise Times Top 200 Franchise Systems

Here is another franchise resource you would like to refer to in your search for the right franchise opportunities. The Franchise Times 2009 Top 200 Franchise Systems has just been published by the well-respected franchise publication, the Franchise Times. The ranking in the Franchise Times 200 is based on total sales of US-based franchise companies, […]

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What do Franchises and Franchising Experts Do on Social Media?

Franchises are getting along well with social media. Although I cannot present you with analytical data and stats, I can see that franchises are taking benefit from the social media, in term of brand awareness and franchise information (including promos, events, polls, etc.) Eventually, all of those will be translated into more customers and revenue. […]

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Why Quick Franchise Expansion is Not Always Good for the Franchisees

Visiting franchise expos, I generally pitched with the following, “We have expanded well from X to Y franchise units in 3 years into franchising.” While expansion, for me, is one of the key indicators of the franchises’ potential, it is often misleading franchisee candidates into thinking that rapid expansion means strong franchise company with great […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consult A Franchise Consultant Before Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is not a simple task these days – With virtually hundreds, if not thousands, franchise opportunities present, choosing some, let alone one, opportunities that you are interested in is trivial. You need help – You need the services of a franchise consultant. A franchise consultant can offer you expertise and guidance from […]

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