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How to Resolve Franchise Disputes

Franchising is about teamwork and relationship. In any kind of relationship you will encounter frictions, whether you like it or not. Here’s my view on how to resolve franchise disputes. Disputes are often inevitable. Franchisors are doing their best in forming a franchise agreement that will work for them and for the franchisees. Franchisees are […]

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Is it Right to Compete with Your Fellow Franchisee?

Entrepreneurs and business owners are fierce competitors. Franchisees, too, are great competitors. As a franchisee, should you take on your fellow franchisees? I have said numerous times that franchising is about relationship. Along with your franchisor and fellow franchisees, you build the same brand, in such a way that if one franchisee sucks, the others […]

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Franchises Thrive in Recession

Franchising is more appealing to entrepreneurs than ever – Many thanks to the recession. People are ‘forced’ to take entrepreneurship route due to downsizing and troubled personal finance. As people need a hand in guiding them in the new frontier, franchising comes to the rescue, offering proven system, strong brand name and support/help along the […]

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Franchisee-Franchisor Partnership Break-Up is Costly for Both Sides

We are always ‘reminded’ by various publications on franchising, online and off line, that franchising is expensive, and bailing out from the franchise agreement is costly for the franchisee. Unfortunately, not many realise that not only franchisees, franchisors are also financially affected by the franchisee-franchisor partnership break-up – And that is just the tip of […]

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How One Non-Cooperative Franchisee Can Suck the Life Out from Your Franchise

You can’t simply please everybody. This fact also applies in franchising. If you are a franchisor, you can’t simply keep all of your franchisees happy, no matter how well you set the SOP (a.k.a. the “game plan”) and how hard you try to please your franchisees. The cold hard truth is, “bad” franchisees will nag, […]

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Franchisee: How to Build an Everlasting Relationship with Your Franchisor

When it comes to franchising, franchisee-franchisor relationship is often more important than the business itself. In franchising, if you have a bad relationship with your franchisor, you will not run your franchise unit well. Not that your franchisor is subjective in giving support and assistance, but like it or not, you need to teamwork well […]

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