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About Franchise Note

What is Franchise Note?

Franchise Note is a franchise business blog containing franchise and franchising resources – Franchise information, franchising tips, franchise reviews, and many other franchise-related topics.

We are targeting audiences that are franchise owners and investors interested in franchise opportunities. So, we will present you a broad range of information on franchising, including tips and advices from trusted sources and from our own experience in owning and running franchise units.

You will be presented with top-notch, controversial, content, reviews and analysis, as Franchise Note’s content is derived from first-hand experience and valuable news coverages, including opinions on a certain franchisors and franchises, and on franchising in general.

Why we claim our content to be “top-notch”?

Not planning to be superlative, we view blogs that have top-notch content as those that present unique, different and controversial blog posts – In other words, non-mainstream content.

We do understand that being non-mainstream blog will raise critiques and opinions – And this is what we describe as what a blog is supposed to be.

Franchise Note content is not meant to consult you in any way – For this purpose, you should visit franchise consultants. We do offer information and tips we found from the blogosphere and from our very own experience in running franchise units.

What we view about franchising?

Franchise Note believes that franchising is recession-resistant and the right business model to plunge yourself into, provided you possess the right mindset and knowledge on franchising.

We view franchising from a general standpoint. We are not focusing on franchising in the US – rather, we focus on general franchising.

We do understand that US is the place to learn franchising, so this blog is expected to attract authoritative voices from the world of franchising, especially from the US.

We think franchising is great if you have the right mindset and knowledge about franchising. A proven system and business model of franchises won’t help you much if you have the wrong mindset and expectations on franchising.

I view franchise information today is converges, not diverges – Many franchise information is presented as recycled ones. Only some provide unique and original views on franchising. A great wealth of franchise information is well presented in International Franchise Association (IFA) – The place to learn the ins and outs of franchising. Recycling those information presented by IFA is not making any sense at all – Therefore, we aim to provide different content, as we explained above.

Who is Ivan Widjaya?

I am the owner/editor of Franchise Note.

I am an entrepreneur who loves franchising. I mainly run online businesses, including blogs. I am also the owner of Noobpreneur Business Blog. Off line, I am involved in several non-franchise business opportunities and a family business.

I am considered as a newbie in franchising, and I’m not trying to portray myself as expert, as I’m not. That being said, I am clearly not a franchise consultant or trying to offer any form of consultancy.

I am, indeed, a blogger, focusing on business topics. If a blogger is considered an artist, then Franchise Note is my canvas – And yes, I expect not everyone would agree with and enjoy my writings.

I rise and fall franchising. I buy franchise units, and lose some – Thanks to my wrong mindset about franchising. However, I learned a lot in the past three years as a franchisee, and would like to share my experience and what I think of franchising – This is why Franchise Note is here on the blogosphere. I am, too, ready to buy franchises again.

So, all in all, Franchise Note is our (my and my colleagues’) place to share our minds on franchising.

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