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Franchise And SEO: The Struggles With Management

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7 Ways to Grow Your Franchise using the Internet

The Internet has propelled franchises to conquer new market and recruit more franchisees. How to wisely use the Internet to benefit your franchise business? Inspired by Mark Siebert’s article, here are 10 ways to grow your franchise using the Internet as a medium, tool and strategy to ace the competition: Use the Internet to lower […]

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Franchising Podcasts: Learn What the Experts Have Got to Say About Franchise Ownership

Do you want to receive free franchising advice from top franchising experts but too tired to read any franchising articles? Try listening to live podcasts. The Internet offers wealth of knowledge if you want to learn as much as you can about franchising. You only need to look for the online resources. One of the […]

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Top 10 Franchise Company Website Designs

Today, web presence is more important than ever – Franchises know this fact, too. Here is our very own 10 best franchise company websites, design-wise. Franchise companies know that if they want to reach out more to customers and franchisee candidates, they need to go online. They need to transmit the right message to the […]

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Internet Franchises: Are They Worth to Look?

Franchising has expanded and extended, in such a way that it is now beyond physical boundaries, including geographical boundaries. Internet franchises are those that pioneering a way to break the online and off line business barrier by offering Internet-based and -related opportunities. What are Internet franchises? Internet franchises are those that offer opportunities in Internet […]

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What do Franchises and Franchising Experts Do on Social Media?

Franchises are getting along well with social media. Although I cannot present you with analytical data and stats, I can see that franchises are taking benefit from the social media, in term of brand awareness and franchise information (including promos, events, polls, etc.) Eventually, all of those will be translated into more customers and revenue. […]

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