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Franchising: Could It Make You A Millionaire?

The dream of getting into business for one’s self can be realized a variety of ways, from working at home to opening a store front down town, to buying into a franchise. Franchise opportunities have a number of advantages to the budding entrepreneur. 1) Pre-existing customer-base! This is a huge benefit to the new business […]

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How to Keep your Franchise Organized and Ready for Success

A new franchise opens every eight minutes of every business day, according to the International Franchise Association (IFA). But how much do they really generate in sales? IFA reported franchises bring in more than $800 billion in annual sales. They also noticed a trend that the economic downturn is actually driving franchising with an influx […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Working With Cleaning Franchises In The UK

Most of us have heard of franchise opportunities. In fact, many of us still consider buddying up with an established franchiser a better option over setting up a new business of their own. To be fair, franchises have a number of advantages as well as limitations. The type of business you may be planning to […]

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Franchise

Owning your own franchise business is a way to generate a substantial income depending on where you choose to operate your franchise and the types of services or products you are selling. When you own a franchise, there are both pros and cons to making the investment that should be factored in before you make […]

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Business Franchising Pros and Cons: Weighing up Costs and Benefits

When you decide to run your own business there are usually two options available; either to buy or start an existing business, or choose a franchise model. Both franchising and non-franchising business models offer their own advantages and disadvantages, and what you decide to do will largely depend on your own skills, aptitudes, preferences and […]

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Where to Spend And Where Not To Spend Money When Starting a Company

Starting a company and turning a new company into a profitable company are two entirely different feats. Starting a company is easy. All you need to do from a practical standpoint is incorporate the entity for a few hundred dollars and that’s it. You have a company. Now, taking that company and turning it into […]

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