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Franchise Management Focus: Marketing and Communication

When it comes to owning or operating a franchise unit, there are a number of factors to be aware of and take care of. Whether you’ve been in business for years, or you’re just starting out with a new franchise unit, you could always use an extra helping hand to ensure that your business thrives. That’s why I’m here to give you a few basic tips to make your business more successful.

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First up is marketing. This is perhaps the most important element of operating a business besides the business, itself. Spreading the word about your business is second only to the quality of your products or services.

Marketing begins at your place of business, itself. Make a real effort to make your signs and advertisements at your place of business informative and inviting. This ensures that your customers a.) know what it is you offer, and b.) want to take you up on that offer.

Other marketing techniques to be aware of are local newspapers and TV stations. Taking out ads in the paper or televising commercials to your local audience all but ensures a profit. Just keep the same rules in mind for all forms of advertising, and you’re good to go.

As you are operating a franchise unit, not your own store, you need to make sure that your marketing plan aligns with that of your franchisor.  Remember, you’re carrying your AND other franchisees’ brands; you can’t afford to get too creative and risky with your tactics.


Communication is next. Whether it’s between staff members or between the staff and the customers, communication is the backbone of any successful franchise units. It’s recommended that training employees focuses on communication amongst themselves and with customers.

A mandatory communication seminar could be useful if it’s in the budget. Then, of course, there’s telecommunication. You want to be sure you can take all of the calls you’re receiving, or you’re losing business, and you’re losing money.

Making sure you’re available via phone, with several lines for multiple calls, as well as email will ensure your customers can always reach you with questions and concerns, as well as to place orders where applicable.

To make sure you never lose a call, let a trusted phone and phone service providers, such as Vonage hook you up, literally and figuratively, with the phone service you need to keep your business running smoothly.  If every tech you adopt should be consulted first with your franchisor, do it first.


Marketing and communication are two of the most important aspect of running a business, including a franchise unit. Make sure you manage both well.

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