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Opening a Franchise in Ireland

Now that the economic downturn seems to have passed by and left business on sturdier ground once more, it is the time for new investments, new ventures, and new opportunities. One way in which to get on board with the current atmosphere of growth is by opening a franchise, and there any many types to […]

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Infographic: McDonald’s Hamburger University

McDonald’s is one of the most popular and successful franchises in the world, with over 32,000 McDonald’s restaurants serving more than 64 million people worldwide in 117 countries. Some people hate McDonald’s for some reason, but we can’t deny the fact that McDonald’s is influential. A proof: Just have a look at McDonald’s Hamburger University […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Into a Franchise

If you are thinking about investing in a franchise, there are many things to take into consideration before diving in head-first. Doing your homework is essential–if you buy into the right one, you may find yourself running a very successful and profitable business. On the other hand, a hasty investment made without proper consultation and […]

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