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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is a major step towards investing in your future. You want to be absolutely certain that the franchise you buy into is one you can afford, continue to reinvest your profits in, and still make a profit from. If you don’t make enough to do all of the above, you won’t have […]

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Business Franchising Pros and Cons: Weighing up Costs and Benefits

When you decide to run your own business there are usually two options available; either to buy or start an existing business, or choose a franchise model. Both franchising and non-franchising business models offer their own advantages and disadvantages, and what you decide to do will largely depend on your own skills, aptitudes, preferences and […]

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Franchise Resources to Read before You Buy a Franchise

You are interested in a couple of franchise opportunities. You go to a franchise expo, then you ask around and get pitched by franchisors about the prospects of their franchise business and franchising as a whole. You read advertorials, reviews and almost anything about franchising. You think you are ready. But wait. From my own […]

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Should I Buy a Franchise Based on Passion or Potential?

Did you know my number one mistake in franchising, costing me 2 franchise units? That’s right – I jump into franchising because of the potential alone, not because I am passionate about the niche of the franchise. I end up losing both. Indeed, I do my analysis and all – I like the concept and […]

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3 Important Points to Consider Before Taking a Franchise

When it comes to start a small business, people find franchise opportunity as one of the easiest and most lucrative option they can start with. But franchise business is not for everyone. Its not always guaranteed that if someone is successful in taking a franchise, you will be that successful in buying the same franchise. […]

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