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Is it Right to Compete with Your Fellow Franchisee?

Entrepreneurs and business owners are fierce competitors. Franchisees, too, are great competitors. As a franchisee, should you take on your fellow franchisees? I have said numerous times that franchising is about relationship. Along with your franchisor and fellow franchisees, you build the same brand, in such a way that if one franchisee sucks, the others […]

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Why Quick Franchise Expansion is Not Always Good for the Franchisees

Visiting franchise expos, I generally pitched with the following, “We have expanded well from X to Y franchise units in 3 years into franchising.” While expansion, for me, is one of the key indicators of the franchises’ potential, it is often misleading franchisee candidates into thinking that rapid expansion means strong franchise company with great […]

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Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership: Double the Profits (and Headaches?)

You have done your due diligence well – You have searched and evaluated dozens of franchise opportunities you are interested in, and you have finally picked the one suit you best. And your hard work proves right – Your franchise unit is profitable and growing well. The idea of multi-unit franchise ownership – owning more […]

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