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Franchise Resources to Read before You Buy a Franchise

You are interested in a couple of franchise opportunities. You go to a franchise expo, then you ask around and get pitched by franchisors about the prospects of their franchise business and franchising as a whole. You read advertorials, reviews and almost anything about franchising. You think you are ready. But wait. From my own […]

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Should I Buy a Franchise Based on Passion or Potential?

Did you know my number one mistake in franchising, costing me 2 franchise units? That’s right – I jump into franchising because of the potential alone, not because I am passionate about the niche of the franchise. I end up losing both. Indeed, I do my analysis and all – I like the concept and […]

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Opening a Franchise in Ireland

Now that the economic downturn seems to have passed by and left business on sturdier ground once more, it is the time for new investments, new ventures, and new opportunities. One way in which to get on board with the current atmosphere of growth is by opening a franchise, and there any many types to […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Into a Franchise

If you are thinking about investing in a franchise, there are many things to take into consideration before diving in head-first. Doing your homework is essential–if you buy into the right one, you may find yourself running a very successful and profitable business. On the other hand, a hasty investment made without proper consultation and […]

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100 Questions You Should Ask or Answer before Buying a Franchise

Not all can be franchisees – there are certain personality traits and circumstances that can hinder you from being a successful franchisee. Are you a franchisee material? Here are 100 questions to ask or answer to ultimately help you determine whether you have all the potential to be a great franchisee or not, excerpted from […]

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Franchise Opportunities – Easy to Run, No Experience Required

“Franchise opportunities – easy to run, no experience required!” In this article I want to be totally honest with you: Whenever you encounter such offer, not only in franchising but in any business opportunities, my only suggestion for you would be to stay away, even run away from them. Franchises are mistakenly touted to be […]

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