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5 Reasons Why Established Franchises Fail

Despite our lackluster economic situation, we should never blame the recession for our franchise failure. In franchising, we have witnessed some established franchises made it, while some others don’t – both franchisees and franchisors share their own mistakes; in franchising, “it takes two to tango” couldn’t be more relevant. Here are some reasons why established […]

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Failing Franchise: What to Do Next

When you are pitched by a franchise company that franchises can’t fail, just stay away from that franchise: Franchises – just like any other businesses – can fail. What to do next if your franchise is failing? I was pitched that franchises has a better sustainability due to their inherited ability to succeed. I was […]

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Dealing with Your Struggling Franchise Units: Learn from Those who Have been There

Paul Segreto, one of the authoritative voices in franchising, tipped me with his experience as a franchisee, teaching us how to deal with our struggling financial units. Paul commented on Franchise Note’s Do You Think Franchising is Easy? Think Again sharing his story as a franchisee. Paul’s story is evolving around his mistakes dealing with […]

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