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Franchisee: How to Gain the Most from Your Franchise Agreement

You have prepared everything you need to do to buy your dream franchise: Location, check. Market research, check. Financing, check. The due diligence, check, check and check. Now it’s time to move a step forward: Let your franchisor know that you are ready for reviewing and signing a franchise agreement. Franchise agreement is where things […]

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How to Choose an Ethical Franchise

I heard too many stories of franchisees who “feel” that they were being cheated by their franchises, resulting in an under-performing, if not dying, franchise units. The general rule of thumb in any business agreement is: read every word, and don’t forget the fine print. Not to discredit franchisors, but some seem to have a […]

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Before You Sign a Franchise Agreement: Learn What Were Complained by Franchisees

Before you sign any agreements with a franchisor, you should know the potential risks entering franchising. You should not expect your franchisor would want to reveal anything more than what is inside the UFOC (the franchise offering.) You will almost certain to hear good words and upsides of the franchise opportunities you are interested in. […]

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Franchisee-Franchisor Partnership Break-Up is Costly for Both Sides

We are always ‘reminded’ by various publications on franchising, online and off line, that franchising is expensive, and bailing out from the franchise agreement is costly for the franchisee. Unfortunately, not many realise that not only franchisees, franchisors are also financially affected by the franchisee-franchisor partnership break-up – And that is just the tip of […]

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10 Reasons Not to Buy a Franchise (If You are Not Ready for Franchising)

There are always pros and cons in franchising. The pros always believe that strong brand name and proven systems are the main benefits of franchising. The cons always believe that franchising is expensive and unfair (benefit franchisors more than their franchisees.) I am always pro-franchising. However, I can not deny that there are some legitimate […]

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Why Planning for Your Exit Strategy Before You Sign a Franchise Agreement is Important

You are ready with the resources on your side. You revved-up and ready to invest your money in a good franchise. Your next step is to find which franchise to partner with and to invest in, and after that you are ready to start making money. We are ready to go, right? Well, not quite. […]

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