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How Franchise Fee Works

Most, if not all, franchise opportunities require franchisees to commit to a certain amount of franchise fee. Many seem discouraged by the amount of franchise fees asked by the franchises (and some do charge a bit too much!), but you must view it as a necessary to keep your franchise unit and the whole franchise […]

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Do Not Fall Into the ‘No Franchise Fees, No Royalties’ Trap

It seems that, to some people, the biggest downside of franchise opportunities are the franchise fees and royalties. Those two are the reason why some people ‘despise’ franchising and look to non-franchise business opportunities. Their main reason is that the fees and royalties are stripping off a large part of the business’ profit; in other […]

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Franchise Fee Negotiation: Is It Possible?

Did you know that you can actually negotiate a franchise fee with your franchisor? While what a franchise offer you is typically a well-set system, including the standard operational procedure, territory-plotting and franchise-related fees, you can actually negotiate on certain things, depending o the franchisor’s policy. This may include your franchise unit’s territory exclusive area […]

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Franchise Fee: How Much is Too Much

Franchises are known for their proven business system that can help you reduce risks related to business start up process. However, this doesn’t come without any costs. In franchising, those costs are called franchise fee (or some others like to call it license fee, but both are basically the same.) The amount of franchise fee […]

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