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Starting off with a debt collection franchise business – is it a good idea in this economy?

As the US economy is going through a sluggish state, an increasingly large number of consumers are defaulting on their multiple credit cards. With a close-to-double-digit unemployment rate, there is too less cash in the hands of most consumers with which they can repay their high interest debts. This makes creditors transfer your accounts to […]

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Froyo Franchises – Is Frozen Yogurt a Fad?

Frozen yogurt – or popularly dubbed as froyo – are gaining in popularity today. One issue: Is froyo franchise just a fad or a legitimate franchise opportunity? I never ate frozen yogurt in the past decade as much as I did in the past 3 months. To be honest with you, froyo – a popular […]

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Home-Based Franchises: Work-from-Home Franchises vs. Mobile Franchises

Many people don’t realise that not all home-based franchises are enabling you to do most of your work from home. Some do allow your home to be the ‘headquarters’, where business operations are done mostly outside the comfort of your home. Let us get this straight – Home-based franchises are those franchises that allow you […]

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How to Spot for A Quality Franchise Operations before You Decide to Buy a Franchise: Observe the Own Units

The trivial part in spotting the right franchise opportunity is looking for proofs on all of the franchisor’s claims, regarding franchise operations – the staffing, office/store management, and design/display, to name a few. There are many ways to do so, but I personally like to visit the franchisor’s own units, to observe and take note […]

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Do Not Fall Into the ‘No Franchise Fees, No Royalties’ Trap

It seems that, to some people, the biggest downside of franchise opportunities are the franchise fees and royalties. Those two are the reason why some people ‘despise’ franchising and look to non-franchise business opportunities. Their main reason is that the fees and royalties are stripping off a large part of the business’ profit; in other […]

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