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4 Things That All Potential Franchisees Should Know

Every day, more and more Australians are giving up traditional 9-to-5 jobs and venturing into the franchising world. In Australia, franchising is worth a whopping $130 billion – and that number is expected to keep growing. Why? Franchising offers you the chance to be your own boss – without starting up a company all by […]

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Franchisee: How to Gain the Most from Your Franchise Agreement

You have prepared everything you need to do to buy your dream franchise: Location, check. Market research, check. Financing, check. The due diligence, check, check and check. Now it’s time to move a step forward: Let your franchisor know that you are ready for reviewing and signing a franchise agreement. Franchise agreement is where things […]

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Franchisee: How to Build an Everlasting Relationship with Your Franchisor

When it comes to franchising, franchisee-franchisor relationship is often more important than the business itself. In franchising, if you have a bad relationship with your franchisor, you will not run your franchise unit well. Not that your franchisor is subjective in giving support and assistance, but like it or not, you need to teamwork well […]

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Rich Franchisee Poor Franchisee

Can you get rich with franchising? Yes. Just like anything else in business world, you can achieve your financial milestones well if you do the right thing. Being a franchisee for several years makes me realises that not all franchisees are born or created equal – The personal traits of the franchisees govern how well […]

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What Makes an Excellent Franchisee Candidate?

There are certain criteria that are well-sought after by a franchisor in accepting an investor proposal to be a franchisee – And no, it is not always about how much money you have to fund the franchise unit purchase. Your ability to fund the purchase of a franchise unit is one of the technical criteria, […]

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Why Not All Entrepreneurs Can be A Good Franchisee

Franchising offers an opportunity for a budding entrepreneur to shortcut into entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, franchising is not for every entrepreneur. Not all entrepreneurs can be a good franchisee – This is a fact you and I can not deny. Forcing your way into franchising can only eventually result in two exits: Struggling franchise units and going […]

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