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Infographic: McDonald’s Hamburger University

McDonald’s is one of the most popular and successful franchises in the world, with over 32,000 McDonald’s restaurants serving more than 64 million people worldwide in 117 countries. Some people hate McDonald’s for some reason, but we can’t deny the fact that McDonald’s is influential. A proof: Just have a look at McDonald’s Hamburger University […]

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McDonald’s US Sales Decline: A Result of Fierce Price Wars and Recession

McDonald’s is finally faltering from the rising competition and US poor unemployment rapport. Is it representing the big picture of franchising today? For McDonald’s, it’s always been me against the world – Competitors are doing their best to secure and grow their market shares in the industry. Like it or not, competition always drag the […]

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Global Franchise Expansion – Any Hidden Intentions?

Franchises aiming for global expansion could mean two things: It is either they are booming or they are looking for overseas market, due to stagnant or declining local market. Let us start with McDonald’s as an example. We all know that McDonald’s franchise units are present in many parts of the world (#1 in 2009 […]

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