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How can Social Media Help New Franchise Launch?

Social media can help new franchisors to create the buzz necessary for the launch of their franchising concepts… and for attracting franchisee candidates. I have just written an article on my other business blog, Noobpreneur.com, about social media ROI. To my surprise, 5 minutes after I posted the article, I received 2 comments. Both of […]

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What do Franchises and Franchising Experts Do on Social Media?

Franchises are getting along well with social media. Although I cannot present you with analytical data and stats, I can see that franchises are taking benefit from the social media, in term of brand awareness and franchise information (including promos, events, polls, etc.) Eventually, all of those will be translated into more customers and revenue. […]

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Top 10 Twitter Users Who Tweet about Franchising (Updated and Extended)

Do you tweet? I suppose you should. No matter how many people are giving bad reputation to Twitter, we have to admit that it is the fastest growing of all social media and one of the most popular ones in the world. The idea that Twitter invent – Typing something in 140 characters or less […]

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How to Use Social Media for the Benefit of Your Franchise

With all the hypes surrounding social media, not to mention the battle in popularity between Twitter and Facebook, one question arises: Will social media make a difference to franchising? If so, how to use it for the benefit of your franchise? An early answer to the former question: Social media is making a difference to […]

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