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Buying a Hobby-based Franchise: Is Your Hobby a Strong Factor in Deciding to Buy a Franchise?

Many people deciding to buy a franchise because it is closely related to their hobbies. My opinion: Hobby-based franchises are great, but let your hobby be your hobby.

Science franchise

Science franchise

I have talked with some franchisees in the past who are buying a franchise because it is their hobbies-turned-into-businesses.

One of their most common comments is: Let your hobby be your hobby.

To clarify: Not that hobby-based businesses (in this case, franchises) are bad. In fact, for the right people, hobby-based franchises can be extremely successful, considering the nature of hobby/entertainment community and industry.

Unfortunately, using your hobby as the main reason to decide on buying a franchise is not a good business decision making. More sooner than latter, your hobby, which should be fun and fulfilling, will become a job – it’s no longer your hobby, but your job title.

For example, let us take scrapbooking business. Buying it because your hobby is scrapbooking could turn you from a scrapbooking hobbyist into a scrapbooking business owner – A dream come true for some people, a nightmare for some others.

But first, let’s explore about hobby-based franchises.

Hobby-based Franchises

Hobby-based (or interest-based) franchises are essentially franchises that cater a certain group of enthusiasts and hobby-related community. Some of the examples include Mad Science and Gamin’ Ride.

Mad Science franchise


Mad Science is a children education franchise offering children different and unique science experiences, as well as entertaining and educational science programs.

GaminRide franchise


Gamin’ Ride is Gamin’ Ride is a mobile entertainment franchise offering video gaming experiences for various events, from birthday to corporate.

Hobby-based franchise is serving a high converting industry of hobby/entertainment. Therefore, it could be a great opportunity for the right franchisees to explore the target market. On the down side, niche target market is limited by nature. All in all, if you can’t get the niche market to ‘love’ your franchise unit, you lose the business game.

The bottom line is this: Your hobby could be not fun anymore

In my humble opinion, your hobby and your interest should be left alone from your business. If your business and your hobby are related somehow, you should take heed: Your hobby could be not fun anymore.

Commercialisation of something you are passionate is a conflicting matter, as you are actually willing to do things related to your hobby, whether you were paid or not.

Think carefully – If you are unsure, it’s better for you to seek other franchise opportunities serving a broader target market.

Ivan Widjaya
Hobby-based franchise
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