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Franchisors are starting to Recruit Young Franchisees: A Wise Move?

While more franchise opportunities present for veterans, franchisors are starting to set their sight to recruit a much younger entrepreneurs group. The following is a good example of what focusing on younger crowd presents to a franchise company. A case study One of the franchise companies launching a business strategy to recruit young franchisees is […]

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Re-evaluate Your Interest in New Franchises

New franchises – especially those offering new and in-trend concepts – are always interesting and will likely to attract fans and enthusiasts into franchisees. New franchises play an important role in franchising: New franchises breathe fresh air to the franchising world, adding value to the wealth of opportunities in franchising worldwide. Full of potential, new […]

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9 Questions to Answer Before You Buy a Franchise

I have just read an article from The New York Times that covers the questions you should ask to yourself and a franchisor before deciding on buying the franchise of your dream. The article opens up some facts that, to tell you the truth, somewhat against franchising, in a sense that you should take great(er) […]

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Green Franchise Opportunities: Good Buy for Green Franchisees?

Environmentally-friendly franchises are picking up the pace – With consciousness on going green emerges worldwide, businesses, including franchises, practicing environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible principles will help them to gain more edges than those that are not. There are some fast growing franchises embracing the “go green”-related practices and policies that attract environmentally-conscious franchisees. The fastest growing […]

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Franchise Ownership is Not a Job!

Franchise ownership is one route to entrepreneurship and financial independence, provided you buy a franchise with the right knowledge and mindset. Unfortunately, for the sake of seeking new franchisees, some franchise opportunity offers are simply misleading, even degrading. Here is what I found searching on Indeed for the term “franchise opportunities jobs“:

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Franchise Ownership is One of 7 Most Overrated Businesses

I stumbled on an article on Yahoo! Small Business, that (again) put franchise ownership as one of 7 most overrated businesses. Kelly K. Spors and Kevin Salwen, the article writers, have conversed with small business experts to identify the overrated businesses. Other than franchise ownership, the other six are: Restaurants, direct sales, online retail, high-end […]

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