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Franchise Ownership is Not a Job!

Business owners

Business owners

Franchise ownership is one route to entrepreneurship and financial independence, provided you buy a franchise with the right knowledge and mindset.

Unfortunately, for the sake of seeking new franchisees, some franchise opportunity offers are simply misleading, even degrading.

Here is what I found searching on Indeed for the term “franchise opportunities jobs“:

Franchise Opportunities job listing

While some job listings are ‘legitimate’ ones, the ones you view above are, to me, disturbing. Franchise ownership is a job? What gives?

Franchisees are business owners; they invest their money in franchise opportunities. Franchise opportunity is clearly not a job opening – Otherwise, why the need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a job?

Of course, not many of those franchise opportunities are really looking for ‘job applicants’. Listing the opportunities in job sites is one of the proven strategies effective in recruiting new franchisees.

However, I have visited a ‘job offer’ from the above example – ‘Jobs’ from Jani King and Liberty Tax Service. While Jani King’s offer in the above results is actually franchisee-seeking listing disguised as a job listing, Liberty Tax Service’s is a bit disturbing.

Liberty Tax Service job listing detail page

Liberty Tax Service 'job' listing detail page

Liberty Tax Service’s is also seeking for franchisees, but ignorantly list “Investment Required” under “Job Overview” seems not right.

Maybe the above example is one of the reasons why there are ‘bad’ franchisees and ‘good’ franchisees. Seeking for franchisee candidates on job market will increase chances to recruit ‘bad’ franchisees – Those that buy a franchise with wrong franchise knowledge and mindset, and some will eventually realise that they have made wrong decision.

There are chances that, when things go bad, some of them would nag and criticise the franchisors and the franchise industry publicly – Something that damage brand image that will impact not only the franchisors but the other franchisees.

Are those ‘job offerings’ legitimate and ethical? Please share your thoughts by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Franchise ownership is not a job
Top-left image by hisks.
Screenshots are taken from Indeed.com and CareerBuilder.com.

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