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Franchising: Could It Make You A Millionaire?

The dream of getting into business for one’s self can be realized a variety of ways, from working at home to opening a store front down town, to buying into a franchise. Franchise opportunities have a number of advantages to the budding entrepreneur. 1) Pre-existing customer-base! This is a huge benefit to the new business […]

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Why Would I Want to Sell Off My Business as a Franchise?

When you’re looking for it, you realise that franchise businesses are absolutely everywhere. Franchises offer people the opportunity to run their own business without the initial investment and high risk factor. It is a well-known fact that the majority of start-up businesses fail within their first year of operating. However, franchises are proven to perform […]

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Franchise Or Traditional Business: The Pros And Cons

Most people who want to start their own business usually cite reasons like independence and money. Unfortunately for most new business owners, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Katie Fagan, of franchise consulting group FranNet, told Palo Alto Online that only 16 percent of start-ups are still in business after 10 years, […]

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Why or When is Franchising a Bad Idea for a Start-up Business?

Franchising has its benefits, that much is clear to see – you can in essence hit the ground running, you can receive a substantial amount of training in an industry from wiser heads than yours and you can leverage the power of a large brand to encourage consumer loyalty and trust. However, franchising isn’t always […]

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Why do You Want to Buy a Franchise?

Choosing and buying a franchise is easy. The tough part is finding the right reason why you want to buy one. Learn from my mistakes. I remember all the excitement that comes with the process of finding the right franchise to buy. Visiting franchise expos, talking with franchise owners, visiting franchisees’ stores, getting pitched by […]

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Black Friday 2009 Sales: Should Your Franchise Unit Join the Hype?

Franchisors and franchisees – should you join the Black Friday 2009 sales? Based on the stats, you should. The day businesses, especially retailers, have been waiting for is finally approaching: The Black Friday on November 27, 2009. The Black Friday (and the whole Christmas shopping season starting from that day) is the Day for customers […]

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