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Tips to Increase Sales

sales increase

Increasing sales

This is a guest article by Andy Mutt

As more people lose jobs in this economy, more people are considering becoming franchise owners, today. But in order to increase sales, franchisees will need to start thinking out-of-the box and working closely with their franchisors to increase sales.

Here are some activities you should consider to increase revenue:

Direct mail coupon campaigns:

In this economy, everyone considers the price before purchasing any product and the best way to attract customers to your store is to provide them with coupons.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device. Coupons sent to consumers through mobiles have led to an increase in store traffic for many FMCG franchises in the U.S. A recent survey also reveals that 72% adults send and receive text messages regularly in the U.S. This figure is up from 65% in September 2009. Thus, mobile marketing is an effective marketing method to consider to increase sales.

In-store contests and events:

Food franchises can offer a cup of free coffee with every order on a special occasion like Labor Day and get increased store traffic. It is important to remember that customers love free products and enjoy winning contests even more. The chances of customers returning to stores where they receive free products/ services or win contests is much higher than their returning to stores where they never received anything free or been rewarded for their loyalty.

Promotional Products:

The major benefit of Products like Imprinted Promotional Pens, sports bottles and other promotional gifts imprinted with your company logo is that they are retained by customers for long periods of time (research has shown that most people hold on to Promotional Products for a year, on average) You can give away promotional products to your customers, suppliers and employees to promote your brand and increase your brand image. Promotional products increase a brand’s visibility and this inevitably leads to sales. Research also shows that even if promotional products don’t result in immediate sales, it definitely increases purchase intent by the recipients.

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