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7 Reasons Why You Should Consult A Franchise Consultant Before Buying a Franchise

The right franchise opportunities

The right franchise opportunities

Buying a franchise is not a simple task these days – With virtually hundreds, if not thousands, franchise opportunities present, choosing some, let alone one, opportunities that you are interested in is trivial. You need help – You need the services of a franchise consultant.

A franchise consultant can offer you expertise and guidance from every step involved in buying a franchise, starting from looking for the right franchise opportunity to closing stages of the purchase process.

Here are 7 reasons why consulting with a franchise consultant is the best way to find and purchase a franchise:

  1. Free and confidential consultation
    The consultancy is free for franchisee candidates, as the franchisors are the ones who cover the fees. Moreover, the consultation is personal and confidential – your personal details shall be kept secret.
  2. Holistic approach in buying a franchise
    The franchise consultant guides you thoroughly, from deciding whether franchising is right for you to how to establish your franchise unit.
  3. Match you with the right franchise opportunities
    A franchise consultant build a detailed profile in which contains your experience, interests and vision/goals, and match the profile to the most suitable franchise opportunities.
  4. Franchise opportunities research and investigation are done on your behalf
    Validating track records, background checking, and franchise information research/investigation are all done my the franchise consultant – Those are significant in helping you avoid ‘unwanted’ franchise opportunities.
  5. The consultant initiates contact with franchise company representatives on your behalf
    Contacting your short-listed franchise companies is a hassle – Thanks to a franchise consultant, communication is becoming hassle-free.
  6. One stop shop for everything related to buying a franchise
    Not only franchise opportunities recommendation that may includes part-time, full-time, new or resale franchises, your franchise consultant can help you with virtually anything related to franchising, including referring you to recommended partners, such as financial advisors, legal advisors, even business funding contacts.
  7. You can learn all about franchising for as much as you want
    You can actually fast-track your franchising learning process by consulting every confusion, complication and doubt you might have before deciding to buy a franchise.

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Ivan Widjaya
Hire a franchise consultant
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2 Responses to “7 Reasons Why You Should Consult A Franchise Consultant Before Buying a Franchise”

  • Ivan,

    Here are a couple of really important things that ill add to this article;

    1. Not all franchise consultant offer their services for free. I don’t.

    2. Franchise consultants and brokers engaged in franchise matchmaking services, don’t do the research for their franchise candidates. Why would they? It’s their franchise candidates money-they need to do the research. I’ll teach them as part of the process, and give them a free copy of my book- “The Essential Steps To Researching A Franchise Opportunity.” {This is the ORIGINAL franchise research eBook- someone has copied the title almost word for word, and somehow promises folks that he will make them a millionaire. Yeah. Right.}

    3. Some of the larger broker groups do try to vett franchise offerings before they let their franchisees present them. It’s not a perfect system though. I used to be with a large group, and several of these “vetted” franchises crashed and burned. Hard.

    I hope that helps clarify some things.

    Also, I have a suggestion, Ivan. Your “About” page needs some work. Please tell everyone about your franchise experience, and also who you are.

    Thanx, and keep up the good work.

    The Franchise king
    Joel Libava

  • Ivan Widjaya:


    It’s great to have a clarification from an authoritative franchise consultant – I read your blog a lot and respect your credibility 🙂

    The article is, indeed, a general view on franchise consultancy, which of course, can be varies from regions to regions, countries to countries. All I can say that they are common reasons why people consult with a franchise consultant.

    Regarding the “About” page – Yes, it does need a lot of work. I promise it will updated on regular basis.

    Thanks for dropping by, Joel!

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