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Weekend Franchising: Is it Possible to Have a Day Job while Running a Franchise Unit on Weekends?

The title above is probably one of the questions franchisee candidates have in their mind but are too reluctant to raise the issue with the franchisors. We all know that in everything we worked in (to make a living,) we need to put our best effort into it. Just like any other type of business […]

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Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership: Double the Profits (and Headaches?)

You have done your due diligence well – You have searched and evaluated dozens of franchise opportunities you are interested in, and you have finally picked the one suit you best. And your hard work proves right – Your franchise unit is profitable and growing well. The idea of multi-unit franchise ownership – owning more […]

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Buying a Franchise Equals Starting a New Business

Buying a franchise is not buying an established business. The fact is this: buying a franchise is ‘renting’ a proven system and established brand image – You can never, ever own the system and brand name (unless you own the franchise company.) Apart from the system and branding, the new franchise unit itself is, in […]

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Franchise Ownership is Not a Job!

Franchise ownership is one route to entrepreneurship and financial independence, provided you buy a franchise with the right knowledge and mindset. Unfortunately, for the sake of seeking new franchisees, some franchise opportunity offers are simply misleading, even degrading. Here is what I found searching on Indeed for the term “franchise opportunities jobs“:

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Franchise Ownership is One of 7 Most Overrated Businesses

I stumbled on an article on Yahoo! Small Business, that (again) put franchise ownership as one of 7 most overrated businesses. Kelly K. Spors and Kevin Salwen, the article writers, have conversed with small business experts to identify the overrated businesses. Other than franchise ownership, the other six are: Restaurants, direct sales, online retail, high-end […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consult A Franchise Consultant Before Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is not a simple task these days – With virtually hundreds, if not thousands, franchise opportunities present, choosing some, let alone one, opportunities that you are interested in is trivial. You need help – You need the services of a franchise consultant. A franchise consultant can offer you expertise and guidance from […]

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