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Being a Franchisee can Lead You to More Opportunities

Franchising leads to many paths

Franchising leads to many paths

Provided you buy a franchise that allows you to be an absentee owner, being a franchisee can present you with more business opportunities.

Franchisees are comprised of entrepreneurs, professionals, retirees and many other backgrounds – This wealth of background can add diversity, leading to a stronger franchise, benefiting both franchisor and franchisee.

A chance to network and partner with fellow franchisees

In my case, being a franchisee opens up more windows of opportunities – Building a good relationship with fellow franchisees can bring you more business to your other businesses, even partnering to launch a new business together (I’d like to do this with my franchisor, but the franchise agreement prohibits me to do so.)

In fact, I feel that the right franchise company can bring you all the benefits of business associations, even from the Chamber of Commerce’s: Networking with fellow business owners, sharing knowledge, creating forums and discussions, and arranging events, to name a few.

Those being said, official franchise meetings and gatherings are important venues. I did know that some of my fellow franchisees are so reluctant coming to the meetings and gatherings, saying that they would waste their precious time. I’ll say that it’s their loss – Of course, some franchisees are attending meetings and gatherings for the sake of chit-chatting, while some others are aiming to build a professional and business relationship. I don’t know about you, but I take the latter very seriously, pitching the right franchisees (as well as being pitched by others) for any possibilities in business partnerships.

A problem: Does your franchisor encourage this?

Unfortunately, not all franchisees are open themselves up for any collaborations. Even worse, your franchisor is not supporting such activities.

My ex-franchisor with whom I have great business relationship once told me that some franchisors are simply staying away from any meetings. They said that meetings would be filled with complaints and criticisms by the franchisees. Well, I’ll say, complaints and criticisms are the bread and butter of business world, especially for the business owners who happen to be franchisors who offer franchise systems in exchange for franchisee fees. Limiting or even not doing any meetings or gatherings for the sake of avoiding all the negatives is really putting their franchisees at a loss.

Do you experience the double-benefit of being a franchisee? What’s your view? Please share yours by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Franchising = more opportunities
Image by Phillie Casablanca.

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