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The Benefits of Running a Franchise Business

Franchise businesses are just about everywhere you look. Some of the biggest brands in the UK are run by franchisees. When a business proves to be successful, the owners sometimes decide to offer this business model to franchisees. Those who buy into the franchise are given the use of trademarks, products and services, all according to the methods of the original business. When it works well, franchises benefit the original owner, the franchisee and the customer. Below are just a few of the plus points of opening a franchise.

franchising benefits

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The opportunity to run a business with lower personal risk

Many people dream of working for themselves and running their own business, but the idea of plunging your life savings into a project and quitting your job can be too risky for many people. Many of us need a steady source of income to get by, so setting up a business can sometimes to be too risky.

However, with a franchise you are provided with a business model which has proven to be successful, significantly reducing the risk of the business failing. It is likely that there has already been a number of franchisee’s before yourself, so any mistakes would have been ironed out already. According to statistics, it has been proven that far less franchises fail within their first three years, unlike standard business start-ups which have a dismal record.

Benefiting from proven training and management techniques

When a standard businessman sets up his first business, he learns from his mistakes. When it comes to training staff and managing a workforce, many managers learn the hard way. Sometimes, poor training can signal the end for a small business. However, when part of a franchise, managers have access to training which has already been proven to work. They will also have ongoing support from the owner of the franchise who may be able to offer expert advice.

Access to better rates and better systems

If a small business owner were to try to negotiate rates in a similar industry to a franchisee, it is likely that they would get worse rates than a franchisee. A franchisee benefits from the brand name of the company which provides access to better deals in the market than their smaller competitors. Franchisee owners also benefit from the fact that all of the equipment and systems available to them have already been tried and tested, often meaning that they have access to the best technology on the market without having to personally pay for it.

Financial benefits arising from the company name

One of the major benefits of owning a branch of a franchise is the benefits that come from the company name. Walking into a company which already has a reputation is a great way to start, particularly when it comes to finance. It is far easier to secure financial help when you’re running a branch of a well-known business. This means that the franchisee generally has less to invest because investors are keen to get involved with the well-known brand.

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