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Top 8 Franchise Opportunities and Franchise for Sale Online Resources

Search for franchise info

Search for franchise info

Looking for franchise opportunities you are interested in is a bit trivial, especially if you are presented with literally thousands of franchise opportunities, online.

To help you save time on searching for franchises to buy, I have 8 online resources to recommend you, along with the reasons why you should consider visiting them.

Why do I only recommend 8 online resources?

While many other resource sites can be added into the list, they are, in my opinion, offering pretty similar information with the rest of franchise resources, thus making them less useful compared to those listed in the top 8 below.

Without further ado, here is the list.

8 franchise for sale and franchise opportunities online resources

  1. IFA’s Franchise Opportunities
    International Franchising Association
    IFA (International Franchise Association) is the first place you should visit whenever you think about franchising. With 1200+ franchise opportunities, it is the most recent and comprehensive franchise resource of all. What’s more, you can access wealth of information on franchising from trusted providers, including joining as a member, accessing members-only resources.
  2. Entrepreneur.com’s Franchise 500
    Entrepreneur.com Franchise 500
    Entrepreneur.com (and the off line version, Entrepreneur Magazine) is a well-respected resource for entrepreneurs. Its coveted Franchise 500 has been around for 30 years and the list contains the top 500 franchises, categorized by industry (2009 #1: Subway.) The ranking system is very useful, indeed – It helps entrepreneurs to weigh their decision in choosing a franchise to invest in.
  3. Franchise Gator
    Franchise Gator
    Franchise Gator not only lists franchise opportunities, but also non-franchise business opportunities. It lists 1000+ businesses that you can browse by industry, investment or location. It also contains useful articles on franchising.
  4. Franchise Direct
    Franchise Direct
    Franchise Direct offers less search features (search by industry and by location.) However, it offers a useful categorisation that many don’t, such as low-cost, International, green, mobile and SBA-approved franchises. Franchise Direct’s Top 100 Global Franchises can help you learn the big picture of franchising worldwide.
  5. Franchise Opportunities
    Franchise Opportunities
    Franchise Opportunities, LLC is IFA’s Supplier Forum Member, so it’s pretty much credible in the information they offer. The highlight is on the International site they have, focusing on local and International franchises in respective countries, such as India, Australia and United Kingdom.
  6. Bison
    Bison’s main features are the “My Request List” – containing a list of franchises you are interested to receive more information from, and Popular Franchise of the day list – containing the top 5 franchises which info was requested the most by site visitors.
  7. BusinessForSale.com’s Buy A Franchise
    BusinessForSale.com is actually a business for sale marketplace that offers a category of franchise for sale. While the “real” franchise for sale (established franchise units) is actually on the business for sale section, this section contains a list of franchise opportunities, that are not only categorised by industry, but also by specific region: Global, US, UK, Canadian, Australian, Irish, and Spanish.
  8. BizBuySell’s Franchise For Sale
    Similar to BusinessForSale.com, BizBuySell.com has a category that list franchise opportunities categorised by industry, US state and capital requirement. It also has an info request list that shows you to which franchises you are requesting more info from. Again, to find the established franchise for sale you need to go to “Buy A Biz” section.

Hopefully this list can help you to pursue your dream in investing in a franchise.

Ivan Widjaya
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