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Buying a Hobby-based Franchise: Is Your Hobby a Strong Factor in Deciding to Buy a Franchise?

Many people deciding to buy a franchise because it is closely related to their hobbies. My opinion: Hobby-based franchises are great, but let your hobby be your hobby. I have talked with some franchisees in the past who are buying a franchise because it is their hobbies-turned-into-businesses. One of their most common comments is: Let […]

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Buying a Franchise: Do Your Due Diligence

Due diligence is the keyword to ensure that everything you have planned in buying a franchise will not go in vain. Proper franchise opportunity analysis can only do you good. Due diligence is resource-intensive. Doing it requires you to put on your business analyst hat, as well as your skepticism hat. Unfortunately, choosing NOT to […]

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Top 10 Franchise Company Website Designs

Today, web presence is more important than ever – Franchises know this fact, too. Here is our very own 10 best franchise company websites, design-wise. Franchise companies know that if they want to reach out more to customers and franchisee candidates, they need to go online. They need to transmit the right message to the […]

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2010 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards – Register Your Franchise

The 5th annual Franchisee Satisfaction Awards is now calling for registrants – Register your franchise to join the elite group of 500 leading franchise brands. Franchise Business Review is inviting you to register to be inducted in their 2010 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards, held in San Antonio Texas on Feb 6 – 8, 2010. The Awards […]

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Is it Right to Compete with Your Fellow Franchisee?

Entrepreneurs and business owners are fierce competitors. Franchisees, too, are great competitors. As a franchisee, should you take on your fellow franchisees? I have said numerous times that franchising is about relationship. Along with your franchisor and fellow franchisees, you build the same brand, in such a way that if one franchisee sucks, the others […]

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Growing Your Franchise Unit: Why Bother Reinventing the Wheel?

In an effort to better the franchise units, some franchisees are trying to do things differently, even changing the way the franchise units should run. Don’t. Many franchisees are great entrepreneurs – They are business owners of their own brands while investing in franchise units in an effort to diversify. Many have also tried to […]

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