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Growing Your Franchise Unit: Why Bother Reinventing the Wheel?

In an effort to better the franchise units, some franchisees are trying to do things differently, even changing the way the franchise units should run. Don’t.

Following the path

Following the path

Many franchisees are great entrepreneurs – They are business owners of their own brands while investing in franchise units in an effort to diversify. Many have also tried to put the best practices, from their own experiences, to work on their franchise units. Unfortunately, not many people realise that franchising is a totally different world.

Not only seasoned entrepreneurs, professionals and new entrepreneurs investing in franchise units are trying to change the way the franchise units work, thinking that they can do better than the franchisors.

Unfortunately, of all improvisation and creative works my fellow franchisees have done, I have seen facts that indicate doing things differently is not only ineffective but also undermining the franchise units’ potential. End result: Stagnant, even declining overall franchise units’ performance.

Why reinventing the wheel? A case study

You should not do the basic stuffs all over again in your effort to grow your franchise units – Trying to answer, “What if I sell this and do that?” should be approached with caution.

I’ve tried to do just that – I just wonder why my franchisor won’t let me sell a certain type of products that I strongly believe would do well in my stores. I ask for my franchisor’s permission (note: You HAVE to ask for your franchisor’s permission for any changes related to products and services) and I have received the okay, convincing my franchisor that I would do well.

I have also consulted to the resources I found from the Net, about what the similar franchises do. I read some articles indicating why I should NOT do what I plan to do. Yet, I have a firm believe that what I will do will work.

Unfortunately, things went bad.

Not only the products I introduce fail to sell, they also damage my stores’ reputation (My stores shouted ‘inconsistent’.)

Why you should listen to your franchisors and/or franchise experts you trust?

The franchisors have developed and walked the path, from the simplest and the most obvious to the most obscure issues of all. The franchise experts have also walk the path, either as franchisees or franchisors. They have more perks: Case studies from their clients.

Those being said, you need to highly consider their advices and suggestions – That’s franchising all about.

If you insisted, here is my opinion: If you think you know better, you should discuss with your franchisor – If your suggestions are accepted, you are very likely to receive help and support. Otherwise, mind your own business and start your own, instead of killing the franchise business from the inside.

I heard too many stories about franchisees who are killing their own franchise units and their franchisors from the inside (I did killed my franchise units) – They are not business owners; They are viruses and Trojan horses.

Final word: Don’t be one.

Ivan Widjaya
Being a great franchisee
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